5 Minutes with a Maker Corps Member

by Cassandra Stephens, Maker Corps G+ Community Facilitator

Libby Jones

Maker Corps Member at the Exploratory in Culver City, CA

Hometown: San Francisco
Background: BA in American History
Quirky Identifier: Loves to throw out random facts at any moment

1. How did you get into making? OR When did you know you were a maker?
I started making at a young age. I really got into an installation sculpture phase in kindergarten so making has always been part of who I am.

2. What does making mean to you?
To me, making means creating of any kind, particularly if it is interdisciplinary.  Whether that is writing music for a movie I’m making or just using multiple kinds of materials to make a dress, I always try to make with more than one type of material.

3. What is your favorite making project and/or making tool?
My favorite tool has always been duct tape. If duct tape won’t do the trick, nothing will. I have made wallets and bags but also books that I might use to publish my writings.

4. What was your most positive experience so far in Maker Corps?
My most positive Maker Corps experience so far happened tonight. Several other Maker Corps members at the Exploratory were trying to make chocolate bowls by dripping the melted chocolate onto balloons. It sounds simple, but the first balloon exploded and everyone got covered in chocolate. It was just one of those real maker moments where even though there was a failure and a huge sticky mess, everyone laughed and got an impromptu chemistry lesson about heat and latex. This was definitely a moment that defines my making experience and philosophy: failure is just as educational as success and it can definitely be just as fun.

If you could bring one item with you to the moon, what would it be?
I would bring a copy of the book Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy. Not only is it an excellent novel, but it is also a grand exploration of science fiction and utopian ideas. It’s one of the few utopian novels that doesn’t end with the cost of society. It is also quite communist, but hey, this isn’t the Cold War anymore.

Check out some of Libby’s Maker Corps Projects:
Starry Night inspired decoupage with LED lights

Libby’s Maker Station for small spaces – it’s portable!









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