Making Spaces: Expanding Maker Education Across the Nation is a partnership between GoogleMaker Ed, and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh (CMP), which aims to develop a national strategy to sustainably integrate making into schools across the country.

The program employs an innovative model where multiple participating schools partner with a nearby Regional Hub (such as a school district, library, museum, or community organization). These Hubs provide schools with support to help jumpstart and sustain maker education in classrooms through crowdfunding, professional development, and community engagement.

CMP, in partnership with Maker Ed, has developed a suite of resources and tools that hubs and schools can use to support fundraising efforts and the integration of making into schools and educational spaces across the country.

The Hub @ Maker Ed

In addition to providing program support and professional development to Making Spaces Hubs, Maker Ed is acting as a regional and virtual Hub for 7 schools across the nation. The Hub @ Maker Ed is based in Oakland, CA and is supporting a few local schools as well as acting as a virtual Hub for schools in regions without a current Making Spaces Hub.

Learn more about how schools can get involved in Making Spaces and check out our current schools’ crowdfunding campaigns.