Bay Area Maker Educator Meetup

We are living in an unprecedented time, where teachers are being asked to completely shift their practices to a remote model. Whether we are designing activities to send home to students, teaching online via Zoom, filming videos for students to watch asynchronously (or all of the above!), we are all doing so while we ourselves are adjusting to this new normal of living.

We don’t have an agenda for this maker educator meetup – we just want to offer a forum for everyone to join in community and support each other on this new adventure we are all undertaking. Depending on the number of people who end up joining, we can run some sort of “unconference” and figure out breakout discussion groups on the fly.

SO, grab your preferred after-work snack/beverage and join us to talk about maker education (or just education in general) in this time of pandemic!

And because location no longer means much, we the regional organizers of maker educators meetups are joining forces to host this meetup for all maker educators who teach in the Bay Area.

We can do this together!

– Angi, Deanna, Abigail, Danielle, Aaron, Pamela





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