Snapshots of Making: A Scrapbook of Maker VISTA Reflections

Our Maker VISTA program focuses on overcoming poverty through maker education. This month we asked Maker VISTA members at partner sites nationwide to share feedback and reflections from their communities, giving voice and shape to the impact of Maker VISTA. Here’s a look, site by site, at how our Maker VISTA members, supervisors, and the youth and educators they serve, have been affected by maker-centered learning and capacity building this school year: 

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_LH_fv

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_DC_fva

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_GV_fv

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_A120_fv

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_RC_fv

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_RW_fv

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_C4K_fv

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_ME_fv

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_B_fv

MM+MS blog_June_scrapbook_SF_fv








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