Opportunities and Vignettes for Library Makerspaces

Chang, S., Penney, L., Wardrip, P., Anderson, A., Craddock, I., Martin, C.K., Millerjohn, R., & Stone, N. (2019). Opportunities and Vignettes for Library Makerspaces. 

Available at http://makered.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/IMLS-LibraryMakerspaces2019_WPweb_final.pdf


This white paper elaborates on the state of research and assessment in library makerspaces, drawn from conversations among librarians, educators, and researchers who participated in the National Forum in August 2019.  The report illuminates opportunities and tensions in the field, surfaced from discussions, and highlights many associated “opportunities” and vignettes of unique libraries and communities. The vignettes show how these opportunities are being manifested and what work is currently taking place. They also reinforce the importance of context—that the culture and values of a community intimately inform the design of any program or activity—and show how equity is being put into action, inclusive of both the successes and challenges of doing so. 

The document is organized around four main themes, and the hope is that these insights will inform new directions for making in libraries,  identify areas ripe for future research that will increase the momentum and deepen the impact of maker-centered learning, specifically in library services, and leverage new opportunities for collaboration and work.

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