Maker VISTA Champions: Toutoule Ntoya, Ed.D


As we share the work of Maker VISTA this month, we feel compelled to shine a light on the individuals who add value, perspective, and possibility to the program. We can’t talk about the impact of Maker VISTA members without talking about the people who support them, guide them, and offer opportunities for them to discover, achieve, and create. The word “champion” tends to get thrown around a lot, in both making and service circles. To us, these folks truly earn the term, as advocates for and defenders of transformative learning.

One such champion is Toutoule Ntoya, Ed.D, a STEM instructional coach innovating and integrating curriculum in Los Angeles Unified School District schools, via the Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP). Toutoule supports students, teachers, administrators and our Maker VISTA members at our partner sites, San Fernando Middle School and Bethune Middle School, in their efforts to implement maker-centered learning. Through resource creation, project brainstorming, PD facilitation and mentoring, Toutoule provides whatever our Maker VISTAs need in the moment—a catalyst, a bridge, an advocate, a guide, an inspiration. Countless conversations begin with the phrase, “With the help of Toutoule, I decided to try…” Toutoule brings an intention and an empowerment to his ideas around integration, and serves as a standout source of strength and encouragement for our members.

Below are some of the great things that current and former Maker VISTA colleagues have to say about Toutoule:

Keep up with Toutoule via his twitter, and take a look below at some of his past tweets for inspiration:









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