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Maker Ed is so excited to welcome Kheprw Institute as a Maker Corps Partner Site in 2016. For the fourth year of Maker Corps, Maker Ed will collaborate with more than forty organizations across the globe to host Maker Corps Members throughout the summer to bring maker activities and approaches to the communities that they serve. Below is a glimpse into what Maker Corps will look like at Kheprw Institute. If you are interested in spending the summer at Kheprw Institute, apply now to become a Maker Corps Member!

Kheprw Institute & Maker Corps 2016

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Exploration, creativity, and innovation are at our fingertips. Thanks to a grant received from Cognizant through Maker Ed, the Kheprw Institute’s (KI) staff and youth are embarking on the path of setting up our very own MakerSpace Lab as part of the Maker Corps 2016 program.

An independent, non-profit, community empowerment organization, KI began in the summer of 2002. Run by a dedicated group of innovative, passionate and diverse staff, the institute is located in downtown Indianapolis. The organization’s first priority is developing the skills and personal discipline of youth so they can better engage in, support and serve the broader community.

The Kheprw Institute firmly believes the way to create empowered communities is through self-mastery and community engagement. With an emphasis on critical thinking, leadership development and mentoring, we utilize projects and activities in areas of the 4Es (Education, Economy, Empowerment and Environment) to help youth acquire the knowledge and experiences needed to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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An example of our philosophy in action is KI Aquaponics, one of our social enterprises. This is a type of aquaculture in which waste excreted by fish supplies nutrients for plants to grow and flourish hydroponically. The system built in-house by staff and youth in 2011 consisted of three-280 gallon fish tanks and two 4’x 8’ growing beds. At the time, it was the largest aquaponics system in Indianapolis. We also built a smaller display unit. KI Aquaponics empowers youth through the process of education, critical thinking and entrepreneurship. They are involved in the various aspects of growing food for self and the community, while also turning these endeavors into economic opportunities.



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