Introducing our Making Spaces Schools

We have been hard at work getting our Making Spaces program up and running and are excited to announce the 7 schools that will be participating as part of the Maker Ed Hub in this nation-wide program.

  • Boze Elementary School – Tacoma WA
  • Harding Senior High School – St. Paul, MN
  • Kailua Elementary School – Kailua, HI
  • Longfellow Middle School – Berkeley, CA
  • Park Avenue Elementary School – Stuttgart, AR
  • Roosevelt Middle School – Oakland, CA
  • Salmon High School – Salmon, ID

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 11.25.32 AM

Maker Ed is one of 10 Regional Hubs in the Making Spaces program, each supporting 5-10 schools in expanding maker education in their school communities. However, Maker Ed is unique in that we are supporting schools virtually as well as regionally. Through monthly professional development sessions, our 7 schools are working with Maker Ed to implement makerspaces and maker education curriculum and to become leaders in the field of making. From establishing biomimicry electives to engaging immigrant and refugee populations, our schools are aiming to use making to solve real world problems in their communities and enhance learning for all students.

We are so impressed by all of our partner schools and are excited to share their stories with you as the program progresses. Stay tuned for more from our Making Spaces schools!

Making Spaces is a partnership between Maker Ed, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and Google.






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