An assessment matrix for library makerspaces

Cun, A., Abramovich, S., & Smith, J. (2019). An assessment matrix for library makerspaces. Library & Information Science Research, 41(1), 39-47.

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The emergence of maker culture has led to an increase of makerspaces across a variety of educational organizations, including public libraries. These makerspaces provide library patrons with new opportunities to learn and create through exploration, creation, and play. However, as the number of library makerspaces grows, so does the need for assessing learning in those same spaces. There is a small amount of research completed on assessing learning of makerspaces in public libraries. The researchers in this study examine patron use of a library makerspace through a theoretical framework based on modern assessment research. Soon after the study began, it was necessary to rethink the original research questions and methods in order to better understand how assessment could be effectively implemented. Findings include determining the scope of library makerspace participants and their assessment needs, potential assessments that can address those needs, and design implications for assessments in library makerspaces.

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