Professional Development


Check out these video modules to get started and dive deeper into thinking about your Young Makers club!

Young Makers Introduction

  • What is Maker Ed? What are Maker Ed’s mission and values?
  • What is Young Makers? What does the Young Makers program include?
  • How do you start and get involved?
  • How do clubs work, and what is involved in the monthly meetings?

Working with Youth

  • What kind of support do youth need?
  • How to get them started and going?
  • Best prompts, facilitation, and questions to ask?
  • What are cycles of work and motivation?
  • What might the projects be, and how do we manage expectations and processes?

Managing Supplies

  • What are some good tools? Where might I get them? What if we need expensive tools?
  • What about consumables? What if we run out of supplies?

Managing Projects, Part 1 

  • What if youth don’t have any ideas?
  • What if youth keep changing ideas?
  • What if the project ideas are too ambitious?

Sharing and Documentation

  • What are best strategies and practices for documentation?
  • What should youth be sharing? How? How often? How to tell your story.
  • What should youth expect to share at the showcase event? Different age groups, skill levels, project progress?

Managing Projects, Part 2

  • What if no one’s making any progress?
  • What is a normal ebb and flow of project work?
  • Are mentors too involved, or not involved enough?