Get Started

Pick a project

Brainstorm, research, ask friends, and try out all sorts of ideas! Project ideas come from bug lists, tweaks of existing projects, and off-shoots from your favorite sport or hobby. Read more at Find a Project Vision.

Start or find a club

Makers like to work together! Join with friends, community members, and others to make together in a club setting. Don’t forget to register your club too. Check out our Club Directory for clubs near you.

Meet regularly

The key to Young Makers club is a sense of community, trust, and collaboration. Meet regularly; share ideas, inspiration, and struggles; and convene with other local clubs at events and gatherings. These are great opportunities to share progress, processes, and successes. Young Makers may gain not only technical skills but also increased perseverance and curiosity.

Document work

It’s encouraged for Young Makers, as well as mentors, club managers, and all participants, to document all your work.  Make notes, take photos and videos, and post them to share! These can all be compiled into a portfolio or website. Have your participants help to populate the webpage, create logos and designs, choose a name and identity, and write blog posts.

A much more thorough and complete guide to getting a club up and running is available in the Maker Club Playbook.