The UTeach Maker Consortium

The UTeach Maker Consortium is a collaborative of representatives from The University of Texas at Austin, Boise State University, The University of Houston, West Virginia University, as well as partners from the Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed) and stakeholders from maker-centered organizations in each community. This group was brought together to outline a model for rigorous, sustained professional learning that could be used to support maker-centered learning in teacher preparation programs nationwide. This model is outlined in a white paper titled, “Incorporating Maker-centered Learning into Preservice STEM Teacher Education: A Model from UTeach Maker.”

The consortium offers this white paper to: a) describe the need for school-based maker-centered learning and teacher training; b) outline a mechanism for micro-credentialing maker educators; c) articulate elements of success for a robust maker professional development program for preservice teachers; and d) describe best practices and strategies for building partnerships between formal and informal education spaces in order to support making.

Download the White Paper

Source: UTeach Maker website

The C3 Maker Planning Summit took place in December, 2018 and was supported by an Infosys Foundation C3 grant.