Lighthouse Creativity Lab Project Guides

The 10 project guides below offer vibrant snapshots of maker-centered learning in a formal K-12 school setting. Made by the Creativity Lab at Lighthouse Community Charter Schools in Oakland, CA in collaboration with Maker Ed and Maker Promise, these guides introduce 10 engaging, cross-curricular, and hands-on activity ideas along with tips and strategies for implementing and adapting them across different contexts.

Each guide:

  • Articulates specific learning targets for projects and activities that are widely applicable across grade levels and content areas
  • Offers tips, tricks, and best practices for managing an array of lo-tech prototyping tools and materials
    Includes examples of additional extensions and applications

Many thanks to the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation for supporting the production of these project guides. 

  • Building a scribble machine is an exercise in design, experimentation, persistence, and observation.
  • Using simple materials, students will design and build their own visions of what a hand should be.
  • Move quickly through the process of design, testing, and redesign.
  • Prompt questions regarding everyday objects and appliances.
  • Linkages are a versatile project that introduces mechanical motion and are a fun way to connect to STEM learning.
  • Quick projects with simple materials that engage students in basic circuitry.
  • Learn basic carpentry exercises designed to give young students the know-how to safely use a variety of tools.
  • Make discoveries about sound through building and using a variety of instruments.
  • Explore properties of light by creating moving scenes with objects.
  • Adaptable to different grade levels and materials, from cardboard to wood and nails, scraps to fabric, conductive thread and LEDs.