Galileo Makers curriculum

galileoGalileo Learning (Galileo) generously offers its 2015 Galileo Makers and 2016 Galileo Makers: Toys summer camp curriculum as a free resource. Developed in collaboration with Maker Ed, these files contain the full scope of the Galileo Makers theme. Click on each thumbnail image to access the curricula!

2015 Galileo Nebula Art_thumbnail2015 Galileo Nebula Science_thumbnail






2015 Galileo Star Art_thumbnail  2015 Galileo Star Science_thumbnail





2015 Galileo Supernova Art_thumbnail  2015 Galileo Makers Supernova Science_thumbnail





2016 Galileo Nebula Art_thumbnail  2016 Galileo Nebula Science_thumbnail





2016 Galileo Star Art_thumbnail  2016 Galileo Star Science_thumbnail





2016 Galileo Supernova Art_thumbnail  2016 Galileo Makers - Toys Supernova Science_thumbnail