Maker Ed’s programs engage with partner institutions — and the individual educators at each site — to provide training, resources, and community of support. Each program has a unique focus and lens, as well as a specific audience and timeline. Overall, professional development and community building run as threads across each and every effort we offer.

We see our role as a fellow brainstormer, a sounding board, a resource provider, a deep well of obscure but useful tips, a connector, and ultimately, a cheerleader. These roles allow Maker Ed to be an enabler and champion of your effort and our collective vision overall.


Above, for each of our programs, the keywords that appear highlight principal characteristics of each program. Click to learn more about each.

If you’re brand-new to maker education, please check out our Community & Events offerings or distinct Professional Development opportunities (including online courses, research and workshops, free online modules, microcredentials, and more!) for possibilities more suited to your interests.