Approaches to Maker Education – Online (2021)

Note: these events have already occurred. Feel free to peruse this page if you are curious about our workshops, and check back later in Fall 2021 to see if additional workshop dates have been scheduled. 

Join us for this four day hands-on, minds-on workshop where you will step into your learners’ shoes and explore Maker Ed’s foundational approaches to weaving maker-centered learning into your practice. You’ll plan an activity for your learners in your setting while centering your work in liberatory and culturally responsive practices. You’ll collaborate and connect with other maker educators.

Our work centers using maker education as a tool for equity and liberation. We will engage together in participatory and interactive experiences in order to:

  • experience how making centers learner agency
  • design more inclusive and equitable learning experiences
  • shift our practices to be more culturally relevant

By the end of our time together, you will have created a maker-centered project tailored to your learning environment!

Our Approach to Professional Development

Our workshops immerse educators in the experience of learners. Expect to be engaged in hands-on, minds-on activities and interactive discussions for the full duration of the workshop. We’ll support you as you reflect on your practice as an educator, learn and collaborate with other participants, and stretch your teaching in new directions.

Who is this for?

  • Educators who work directly with youth in any capacity — schools, libraries, museums, after school programs, makerspaces, and other educational settings — whether in person or online.
  • Educators invested in creating liberatory, equitable learning experiences for youth — experiences that are learner-driven, joy filled, center hands-on making and creating, and are culturally & historically responsive to youth’s identities & histories, especially those from marginalized and underrepresented communities.
  • Educators with any interest and experience level in maker-centered learning, whether just getting started or already weaving maker-centered learning consistently into their work, are welcome.
  • We actively design our workshops with an eye toward the inclusion of all educators, but especially those from marginalized and underrepresented communities (particularly BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, undocumented. and working-class communities). 

What will you need?

In order to participate in this workshop you will need a computer, internet access, installed zoom app, and functioning video and audio. 

If you register two weeks prior to your workshop we will provide you with a kit of low-tech prototyping materials in the mail. If you register after this deadline, we will provide you with a list of suggested materials to gather, most of which should be easily found.


Virtual! Join us from your own home or learning space.


We are offering two workshop possibilities! 

Session 1: August 2-5th, 2021

[Registration has Closed]

Session 2: August 23-26th, 2021 

[Registration has Closed]


We understand that our homes and workspaces are commingling in this time. We hope participants can fully engage during the session and we simultaneously support participants to attend to their own unique needs. There will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous time together. 

Synchronous Times: Please plan to be fully present during the following times:

  • Monday: 9 – 11:00am PT and 1 – 2:30pm PT
  • Tuesday: 9 – 10:30am PT and 1 – 2:30pm PT
  • Wednesday: 9 – 10:30am PT and 1 – 2:30pm PT
  • Thursday: 9 – 10:30am PT and 1 – 2:30pm PT

Asynchronous Times: There will be up to 2 hours of asynchronous time for independent work and reflections each day which can be done during times that work for your schedule. 

Optional: We will also be hosting an optional community building time the week before the workshop. Join us for fun, games, and introductions!

  • Friday (before the workshop): 5 – 6:00 pm PT 


We want to make learning accessible to everyone, so we ask that you pay according to the privilege that comes with the intersections of your identity (income level, wealth, race, education, organizational support, etc). When you are able to pay more, it subsidizes the registration fees for people with more limited financial means. By more equitably sharing financial responsibility, we make this learning both financially accessible and financially sustainable for us in order to continue creating more opportunities and resources. 

Please choose a sliding scale option below. 

  • Option 1: $150 (supports a portion of our costs for putting on this workshop)
  • Option 2: $250 (supports half the costs of putting on this workshop)
  • Option 3: $500 (supports the full cost of putting on this workshop)
  • Option 4: $750 (supports your attendance contributes to the community scholarship fund) 

As educators, we understand that fees can create barriers to high quality professional development. We have a limited number of scholarships available. Please reach out to

Registration Deadline: 

** Please note: for registrations completed two weeks before the session begins, participants will receive a materials kit in the snail mail! For registrations completed two weeks or less in advance of the session, participants will receive a list of suggested materials to gather.

  • Session 1: Please register by July 18th to receive materials at your doorstep. Otherwise, registration closes July 29th.
  • Session 2: Please register by August 8th to receive materials at your doorstep. Otherwise, registration closes August 19th.


I’ve attended a Maker Ed workshop before – will I learn anything new?

If you’ve attended one of our events before, then you’ll know that our workshops are only partly driven by the content. Most of the learning comes from the unique subset of people in the room and the brilliance that they bring to the space! We are always developing new activities and lesson ideas and invite you to do the same for your own setting during our workshops.

I don’t think I consider myself a “maker” educator. Is this for me?

At Maker Ed, we define “maker education” broadly as hands-on and learner-driven and we believe that everyone is inherently creative. While we recognize the power of language and labels, you don’t have to identify as a maker to join in. We see all varieties of activities – from gardening, cooking, art, robotics, and paper crafting – as making.

Can I get credit (CEUs) for completing this professional development workshop?

Participating educators are eligible to earn 1-3 graduate-level credits (or CEUs) through the University of the Pacific.* The cost of credits is separate from registration fees. If interested, please see this website ( and follow the instructions for enrolling there. The course number associated with the Approaches to Maker Education workshop is EDUP 9157.

*The credits offered are post-baccalaureate, graded, graduate-level semester units, provided directly through the University of the Pacific, Benerd College. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of educators for Salary Advancement and Re-certification. These Professional Development Courses are for participants who are NOT pursuing an advanced degree at University of the Pacific. The credits are acceptable where local districts approve and applicable to state licensing where authorized. We always encourage that you check with your employer for acceptability of these credits. All participants are responsible to determine acceptability of these credits for their intended use.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out at