Makerspace Safety

It’s important to make safely! Check out these resources for more information about what that means and how to assess the risks and safety needs of your learning space.

Read About Safety Guidelines in the Youth Makerspace Playbook:

  • Read pages 38–40 of the Youth Makerspace Playbook
  • Reach Chapter 4 of the Youth Makerspace Playbook — School Edition


Learn More About Safety in Maker Ed’s Self-Paced PD Module: 

opening graphic_first aid opening graphic_gloves opening graphic_goggles


Earn your Makerspace Safety Micro-Credential:

Click on the image below to view the description.  

Screenshot 2017-08-04 12.37.26

Click here for more info about Micro-Credentials

Examples of Makerspace Signage:

Click on the arrows in the gallery below to see examples of safety and informational signage from DIY Girls, the San Diego Public Library, Autodesk Pier 9 Makerspace, STEAM Labs, and more!