Resources for Youth Makerspaces

  • Youth Makerspace Playbook
  • Makerspaces: Highlights of Select Literature


Maker Ed is delighted to make these materials available for free. If you would like to order a printed copy of the Youth Makerspace Playbook, you may purchase one here.  

The Youth Makerspace Playbook is a resource providing context and support around planning spaces for youth to make. It offers practical suggestions on finding spaces to make, outfitting spaces with tools and materials, exploring the possible educational approaches within spaces, and sustaining spaces in the long-term. (Note: The Playbook has been updated as of Oct 13, 2015 to correct photo credits on pages 30 and 31.)

Accompanying the Youth Makerspace Playbook is “Makerspaces: Highlights of Select Literature,” a selection of the latest thinking emerging from the growth of makerspaces and their developing roles in education and communities. We also have a “Spaces & Places” category on our Resource Library with descriptions, photos, and videos showcasing examples of spaces of all kinds, as well as links to articles with tips on starting or improving a youth makerspaces.

Youth Makerspace Playbook Site Surveys

Below is the complete text from a selection of the 15 extensive site surveys completed by a dedicated group of maker educators that was used as source material for the Playbook.

  • The Bubbler at Madison Public Library
  • Children’s Museum of Houston
  • DIY Girls
  • Geekbus, operated by SASTEMIC
  • Global Minimum Inc.
  • Lighthouse Community Charter School Creativity Lab
  • Maker Jawn at the Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Makeshop at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
  • Millvale Community Library
  • New York Hall of Science
  • OLÉ – – Organizers in the Land of Enchantment
  • ReCreate
  • REM Learning Center
  • STEAMLabs
  • Tehama County Department of Education


Join the Conversation with #MakerEdSpace

Join our ongoing Twitter campaign using the hashtag #MakerEdSpace to showcase your youth-oriented makerspaces. The tweets and photos you share will be highlighted at the bottom of this page.

Here are a few specific prompts to help you get started:

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Share Your #MakerEdSpace
What does your youth-oriented makerspaces look like? Share photos and videos of your space with us by using the hashtag #MakerEdSpace, and help showcase the wide variety of spaces & places out there.

What’s On Your Wall?
Whether it’s a safety warning, a classroom agreement, an inspirational poster, or something we’ve never seen before, we want to see what’s on your wall. Share photos of signs & posters using the hashtags #MakerEdSpace #Signage.

Blueprints, Layouts & Sketches
How did you first get started designing your youth makerspace? Share sketches, blueprints, layout designs, and more with the hashtags #MakerEdSpace #Blueprints.

Unique Storage Ideas
Storage can be a challenge for many when managing a youth-oriented makerspace. Help others learn from your experiences by sharing photos of your unique storage ideas, using the hashtags #MakerEdSpace #Storage

Before & After
Show us how your space has changed since you first started it. Share before & after photos using the hashtags #MakerEdSpace #BeforeAfter.




#MakerEdSpace #Signage


#MakerEdSpace #Blueprints


#MakerEdSpace #Storage


#MakerEdSpace #BeforeAfter