US Fab Lab Annual Symposium

NCC Fowler Family Southside Center Bethlehem, PA, United States

From the event organizer: “Join us for our annual Symposium! Hands-on workshops will be the main emphasis for this event as we have a chance to leverage the wonderful facility […]



The Educator Collaborative provides K-12 literacy professional development to schools across the United States and around the world. They provide expert support in areas like writing workshop, reading workshop, balanced literacy, anti-bias education, multilingual pedagogy, digital literacy, and standards integration. The #EdCollabGathering is day-long virtual conference.


Listening Leadership in a time of Pandemic: Session I

Session I: Listening Virtually: Creating Space for Our Shared Humanity During this 1-hour webinar, Shane Safir will explore how to build authentic, connected communities across physical distance. Joined by Jessica Huang, currently a teacher in Taiwan, we will engage in a case study of innovative, humane, student-centered responses from a country on the early front […]


Listening Leadership in a time of Pandemic: Session II

Session II: Listening to Our Bodies: From Fight/Flight/Freeze to Freedom Session 2 will allow Shane Safir to explore the physical/somatic toll of living through this pandemic. Joined by Alcine Mumby, we’ll explore our bodies’ default settings and responses to the sustained stress of this moment, and we’ll look at practical strategies for getting out of […]


Listening Leadership in a time of Pandemic: Session III

Session III: Listening for Equity: Resisting White Supremacy in Virtual Spaces In this third 1-hour session, principal, blogger, and racial equity coach Joe Truss will join Shane Safir to examine how we can think about self-care as a radical, antiracist response to the pandemic and how to notice and disrupt white supremacy culture in virtual […]


Listening Leadership in a time of Pandemic: Session IV

Session IV: Listening for Equity: Reaching Students & Families at the Margins In this final session, we’ll think about what it means to live outside the testing paradigm for a minute. How do we rethink our measures of equity without the standard metrics guiding us? I’ll offer you hands-on tools for gathering equity data right now that […]


PBL Leadership Academy Spring Institute

HTH Spring Institute workshops will guide you to create simple, useful PBL resources that can be shared quickly and easily and are customized to your specific community’s needs. Each HTH PBL Leadership Academy workshop is: Human-centered and interactive, for participants to create and collaborate. Focused on a specific PBL teaching practice you can use during school closures and via distance learning. Designed to expand that […]


3rd Annual Central Coast Social Justice Education Conference

Join us virtually for the 3rd Annual Central Coast Social Justice Education Conference on Saturday, May 16th, from 10am-12pm PDT! The conference theme is Pedagogies of Hope, Disruption, & Transformation and will focus on our collective work to build community and engage in social justice in this unprecedented time. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Farima Pour-Khorshid — a Bay Area teacher […]