Maker Ed’s Criteria for Selecting Convening Proposals

We’re so excited to feature presentations from the community at 4th Annual Maker Educator Convening!

The Convening Proposal Application Form takes about 20 minutes to complete. Before you begin, you should have the following information ready:

Info About You and Your Team

  • First and last names for all presenters
  • Email addresses for all presenters
  • Organization and role information for all presenters

Info About Your Proposal

  • Session Topic or Title
  • Session Description (Please provide a thorough overview of your proposed session.)
  • Session Goals (What would you like attendees to learn from your session?)
  • Relevant Experience (Please describe how your personal and/or professional experiences relate to the topic of your proposed session.)

Info About Your Team’s Demographics

  • Does your team have representation from any underrepresented groups?
  • Do members of your presentation team primarily serve people from underrepresented groups?

Additionally, here are some of the factors our team will consider during the proposal evaluation process:

  • Does the proposal contain an innovative and cutting-edge idea?
  • Does the proposal demonstrate an understanding of the current state of and conversations within the field of maker education, and could it serve to move those conversations forward?
  • Does the presentation team have representation of youth, PoC, and/or women?
  • Is the topic of the session conveyed clearly?
  • Is the presenter knowledgeable of and experienced in the topic they are proposing?
  • Are the pedagogical techniques described in the session applicable in a variety of educational settings?
  • Does the proposal address why participants need to have the proposed information and suggest the tools and strategies they will take with them?
  • Does the proposal address the sustainability of educational makerspaces by discussing budget implications, cost savings, community & institutional involvement, or fundraising ideas?
  • Is the proposed topic timely, relevant, and unique?

If you have additional questions about the criteria for Convening proposals, please email us:

This page was last updated on March 26th, 2018.