Maker Educator Convening 2017

The 3rd Annual Maker Educator Convening took place on May 16-17, 2017, in San Francisco. Over 250 educators from around the world attended the event, which is the only major gathering dedicated solely to the needs of maker educators. We’ve collected an archive of the day’s events here.

Read the Event Recap for our reflections on the Convening as it enters its third year.

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Archive of Keynote & Quick Talks

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1. Keynote Presentation
2. Why Does Making Matter? Dimensions of Learning Worth Consideration
3. Space Matters: Designing Urban Maker Spaces that Support Complex Community Ecosystems
4. Preparing Future STEM Teachers to Make
5. Making as Learning: Some Core Principles
6. Does This Movement Have a Compass? A Conversation About Where Maker Education is Going
7. Connection Through Commonality: A Rural Community in Idaho Both Ready and Resistant to Making
8. Making Computer Science Relevant in the Hood
9. Unconventional Resources: Creative Capacity Building — Slides & Handout
10. Inspiring All Girls to Change the World Through Making — Slides & Handout
11. The Maker Mindset at Work
12. Start [Simple] to [Keep] Making
13. Nurturing Failure in Makerspaces & Beyond


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