Who We Are

This video was made possible by the generous support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Google. Special thanks to East Bay School for Boys for providing a location!

Our Organization
Maker Ed is a non-profit organization that supports and empowers educators and communities — particularly, those in underserved areas — to facilitate meaningful making and learning experiences with youth.

Our Vision
Every Child a Maker

Our Mission
To create more opportunities for all young people to develop confidence, creativity, and interest in science, technology, engineering, math, art, and learning as a whole through making.

Our Values

Access for All: We believe in the importance of access to meaningful making experiences for every child, and we aim to facilitate that access through an intentional focus on underserved communities and individuals.

Transformation of Education: We believe that, through advocacy on a national and global scale, we will multiply the transformative impact that making and maker education has on the lives of youth everywhere.

Collaboration and Community: We believe in nurturing a well-connected and networked community of educators that can support and learn from each other as they start, grow and sustain maker programming.

Diversity of Approaches: We believe that the diversity inherent in maker education approaches and applications is crucial in creating inclusive learning environments that enable multiple entry points to making.

Engagement in Learning: We believe that, by supporting educators to facilitate making experiences that encourage discovery and exploration, we will instill in youth a deep and lifelong engagement in, and love for, learning.

Our Strategy

To realize our vision, we will employ a core strategy of empowering communities to transform their education systems by integrating making into all facets of their work.

We will accomplish this through continued work in youth-serving community institutions to launch, develop, and help sustain maker educational approaches and spaces within the educational community.

This comprehensive initiative will focus on building the capacity of learning environments — particularly those in underserved communities — and will offer the following support:

  • Professional Development: Training opportunities (in person and online) for educators to both develop their skills to integrate making into their current settings and prepare them to train others in their local communities.
  • Network and Community: A robust, distributed, and growing network of diverse maker educators, leaders and community connectors through online communities, in-person convenings, directories and more.
  • Model Sharing and Building: Well-tested and evaluated models and best practices for maker education and engagement and research efforts to further field-wide understanding.