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Maker Ed’s online learning modules contain a large variety of activities, organized into topic-based modules, that encourage educators to explore, engage, read, watch, reflect, learn, and share! These are all free, self-paced, and can be approached in any order:

Each bite-sized activity allows educators to engage with curated materials, tackle a hands-on activity, reflect on a resource, and/or share thoughts with the wider community of maker educators.  Be sure to document thoughts, insights, excitement and hands-on creations and share on social media using #MakerEdPD and tag @MakerEdOrg.

This PD category will continue to grow in content and activities. Check back regularly each month as new free, professional development opportunities are added!

  • Why Making Matters: A Story
  • Learning Approaches: What is Maker Education?
  • Impact of Maker Education
  • Learning Approaches: Tinkering
  • Project Ideas & Integration: An Elementary Design Semester
  • Learning Approaches: Introduction to Project Based Learning
  • Language: Building a Prompt
  • Creating a Culture of Safety in Makerspaces
  • Assessment in Maker Education: Digital Portfolios
  • Program Planning: A Young Makers Season
  • Learning Approaches: Considering Failure
  • Facilitator Tips

Disclaimer: Maker Ed’s online Resource Library contains links to third-party organizations, companies, and commercial products. By including these resources, Maker Ed intends to highlight their potential value to the maker education community, rather than to provide an endorsement. The library is independently managed by Maker Ed staff, who adhere to a set of guidelines to ensure that all third-party resources are primarily informational, rather than promotional, in nature. This resource curation process is free from the influence or control of any party outside of Maker Ed.