Workshop Descriptions

Saturday, March 7, 2015: Professional Development Workshop for Young Makers mentors only

Physical Computing: Tinkering with Light, Sound, and Motion (9am to 2:30pm, Oakland, CA)

Physical Computing is an exciting and interactive connection between physical and digital worlds. In this workshop, you will gain comfort and experience with physical computing through the use of Trinkets, small and economical Arduino variants, and electronic prototyping. Join us, and tinker with basic electronic components. Peek inside and learn from simple projects and programming code examples, and tweak them to make your own. Practice soldering to create strong electrical connections. Collaborate to prototype and create original projects that dazzle (or frazzle) the senses and respond to the “real world” via light, sound and/or motion.

In conjunction with Lighthouse Community Charter School, Maker Ed will host this awesome opportunity and participants may opt to receive 10 sets of materials to help support young makers in similar explorations and tinkering! Supplies and lunch will be provided, though we request that participants bring their own laptop.

Apply here, as the event is space-limited!  Attendees will receive notification on whether they’ve been accepted to attend by Feb 28, with additional details about what to bring.