Documenting our Open Portfolios Workshop in Pittsburgh


Thinking about spending a few inspiring fall days in Pittsburgh? We did! Along with approximately 60 other educators, administrators, practitioners, and even a few researchers—from K-12 and higher education, we offered a second Open Portfolios workshop last week on Nov 15–16, 2016 in the grand city of Pittsburgh. The sun was shining, and we gathered together […]

Release of “A Practical Guide to Open Portfolios”!


Coming off the heels of a successful Open Portfolio Workshop in Pittsburgh last week, we are thrilled to announce the official release of “A Practical Guide to Open Portfolios“! A guide that’s been 10 months in the making, drawing inspiration and concrete insights from educators and researchers in K-12 and higher ed alike, the guide distills some […]

Announcing the Open Portfolio Workshop this fall!

Open Portfolio Wkshp

We’re delighted to announce that Maker Ed — in collaboration with the Remake Learning Network — will be offering an east coast Open Portfolio Workshop in Pittsburgh on Nov 15-16, 2016! Graciously hosted by IDeaTe at Carnegie Mellon University, this two-day, hands-on workshop will focus on exploring practices for capturing making & learning through portfolios. In […]

Open Portfolios: Looking back on our first-ever Practitioner Workshop


In July and August 2015, we kicked off Phase 2 of the Open Portfolio Project. Having built a strong foundation of findings and insights from Phase 1, we are excited to continue deepening our work with the generous support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. In the months since, we have re-engaged with a […]

Open Portfolio Project’s Phase 2 launches!

OPP Logo Final

After many months of eager anticipation, we are thrilled to announce that we have the unique opportunity to continue our work on the Open Portfolio Project. With immense thanks to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Phase 2 of the project has recently begun! Back in collaboration with Indiana University’s Creativity Labs, led by Dr. […]

Open Portfolios: Full Research Brief Series

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Maker Ed, in conjunction with Indiana University’s Creativity Labs and the National Working Group, along with the generous, unwavering support of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, is thrilled to officially release the full Open Portfolio Project Research Brief Series. Since this stage of work began in October 2013, the research, visits, and discussions have uncovered […]

Open Portfolios: National Working Group Meeting Summary

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Maker Ed’s ninth and final research brief of the Open Portfolio Project focuses on the November 2014 meeting of National Working Group members, hosted at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. In the National Working Group Meeting Summary, we highlight some of the discussion points and big questions that arose from the […]

Open Portfolios: Survey of Makerspaces, Part III

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In our newest, eighth research brief, Survey of Makerspaces, Part III, we examine the data collected from Maker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project‘s maker site survey, specifically oriented around questions of portfolio and documentation practices at the site. All sites reported on the level of importance of portfolios, their existing practices and perspectives, their reflection and feedback norms, […]

Open Portfolios: Survey of Makerspaces, Part II

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Maker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project‘s maker site survey was intended to gain a better understanding of the landscape of maker programs and makerspaces, specifically around their portfolio practices and goals. Our sixth research brief, Survey of Makerspaces, Part I, provides an overview of the surveyed educational spaces, including information on whom they serve and their maker programming. Our seventh and newest research […]

Open Portfolios: Survey of Makerspaces, Part I

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As part of Maker Ed’s Open Portfolio Project, a maker site survey was developed to better understand how makerspaces — or any type of organization with youth-oriented maker programming, whether or not they identified themselves as “makerspaces” — are thinking about portfolios. In particular, we were seeking to uncover existing documentation and portfolios practices, as well […]