Meet Keyana Stevens, our Communications Manager


Although this is an introductory blog post, I’ve actually been at Maker Ed for 6 months now, working behind-the-scenes running our blog, social media accounts, and other communications needs. I’ve been so busy getting involved that I haven’t had the time to sit down and write this until now!  I grew up in a family of […]

Introducing Justin Boner, Maker Ed’s Program Coordinator


Before joining the Maker Ed team in January, I had enveloped myself in the fascinating study of Greco-Roman antiquity through its languages, drawing insight and inspiration from its complex, disappearing cultures and its many, distinct but overlapping histories. This leap from the library of humanistic scholarship to the hands-on laboratory of making is not as far […]

Meet Amanda! – or – How to Break a Christmas Gift in Record Time

photo 2

One Christmas, I received the gift of my (then) dreams:  a see-through alarm clock!  I was always curious about what made things work and how they were assembled — and this clock was a perfect work of art!  With its different colored gears and hard exterior just begging to be cracked open, it was a […]

Introducing Jan Schmitz, Maker Ed’s Office Manager

Jan headshot

Hello from my desk at Maker Ed offices…right on the edge of Emeryville and Oakland. Literally. My left foot and right foot can be in different cities under my desk! Before applying for the Office Manager job here this past spring, I had not heard of the maker education movement. When I began to understand […]