Ask a Maker Educator – Administrator Edition


With principals Gina Silveira and Melissa Becker Melissa Becker, Principal at Meadow Elementary School, received the Petaluma Community Award for Excellence in Education in May 2014 for her charismatic leadership. She created the first elementary makerspace in Northern CA for students and strives to provide a progressive learning environment for all children. Gina Silveira is […]

Julian Waters on The Impact of Changing Minds

Young Maker Julian Waters presents at the Education Forum in New York

“So many in our society are quick to criticize the system that public school students learn under, but equally strong in number are those who strive actively to change it. By promoting student voice, self-directed learning, and passion-centered projects in school, we’re making a lasting difference for students in their secondary schooling and well into […]

Growing Up Making – Jessica Parker

Jessica GUM 2

Welcome to Maker Ed’s “Growing up Making” community blog series that highlights how maker educators have been influenced by family and their community. By sharing stories of what inspires maker educators, we’re excited to showcase the impactful and multigenerational human history of making. This post was written by Jessica Parker, Education Community Manager at Maker Ed. Share your […]