Grass Valley

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Maker VISTA members Ignacia Ojeda and Dylan Campbell kicked off the new school year at Grass Valley Elementary in Oakland, CA by organizing a making event during back to school night. Hosted in the school’s makerspace, The Wonder Workshop, the event served to welcome students into the space and included an after-school slime making session […]

STE(A)M Truck

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At STE(A)M Truck in Atlanta, GA, Maker VISTA members Jamera Jones and Lauren Schramm were thrown into the maker experience right away – and things have not not gotten dull yet! Their first major project involved planning and supporting the organization’s largest fundraising event, a gala to take place the first week October. Jamera and […]

Salmon Public Library


Picture a room brimming with maker gadgets: LEGO robots, drones, cardboard cutting tools, circuit thread, codable toddler toys, DIY computer games, straws, play-Doh, toilet paper tubes, aluminum foil and more. Maker VISTA members Francesca Bessey and Jesse Hunt transformed this small meeting space into an interactive “play room” for teachers attending a STEAM workshop at […]

Lighthouse/ Lodestar

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Maker VISTA members Claire Tiffany-Appleton and Anna Milada Grossi, serving at Lodestar and Lighthouse respectively, had the opportunity to kick off their service year together with a hands-on making activity. They were invited to collaborate on the creation of a “Maker Bar” at Oakland International High School. They visited the school in August and discussed […]



September at ReCreate in Roseville, CA marked Maker VISTA member Trina Lafata’s first month of service – and Maker VISTA member Shubha Arehalli’s second-to-last month of service. Shubha’s greatest challenge this month was organizing all of the documentation she had done over the past year and handing it off to Trina. That’s a ton of […]

San Fernando Middle School


This month, Maker VISTA members Carey Habiger and Lyna Abal kicked off making with San Fernando Middle School’s first ever Maker Ed elective class for 7th and 8th graders! Over the summer, Lyna collaborated with first time maker teachers to come up with a curriculum that best suited teacher, student, and school needs. Once school […]



This past month, making with California State University at San Marcos (CSUSM) STEM Center has kicked off successfully, in the form of the Community Service Learning (CSL) Program. In this program, CSL volunteers are recruited primarily from undergraduate students at the university, and assigned to work with 12 middle schools from 3 different school districts […]

Drew Charter


Making has taken off in a multitude of ways at Drew Charter School in Atlanta, GA. Maker VISTA member Khalil Pettway hit the ground running, namely with supporting teachers in their use of STEAM Trunks. These mobile making trunks are available for reservation (which Khalil coordinates) and can be wheeled into campus classrooms for lesson […]

Snapshots of Making: A Scrapbook of Maker VISTA Reflections

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We asked Maker VISTA members at partner sites nationwide to share feedback and reflections from their communities, giving voice and shape to the impact of Maker VISTA. Here’s a look, site by site, at how our Maker VISTA members, supervisors, and the youth and educators they serve, have been affected by maker-centered learning and capacity building this school year.