Maker Ed’s 2016 Holiday Reading List


With maker education becoming increasingly prevalent in schools and learning environments across the country, more and more research, books, and posts are discussing the impacts, benefits, and challenges of making-centered learning. The team at Maker Ed has put together a reading list to highlight some of these amazing maker education books, articles, and papers that have inspired […]

Facing the STEM Monster at Fablearn 2016

On October 14th-16th, Stanford held the 6th annual FabLearn conference on creativity and making in education. The FabLearn Conference, as their website describes, “aims to bring together award-winning academics and educators, learning sciences researchers, and policy-advisors to build a community interested in putting curiosity, innovation, and hands-on problem solving back into today’s schools.” FabLearn also […]

What Are Micro-Credentials, And Why Are They So Exciting?


Educators are always learning. In the classroom with students, at workshops and trainings, through the process of developing and facilitating lessons, and in so many more places educators are constantly building and refining their skills. Often, the skills developed in their day-to-day practice prove to be the most valuable tools for educators. With micro-credentials, educators […]

Reflections on the National Week of Making

As the final day of the National Maker Faire at University of District of Columbia came to an end, I walked myself, Faire badge still dangling from my neck, towards the Metro station elevator. Throughout the Faire, and the entirety of the 2016 National Week of Making, the Maker Ed staff was in DC giving […]